Thunderstorms with Strong Winds to Rip through Virginia & Maryland

Just wanted to post this quickly this morning.

The cold front has become stuck across parts of Pennsylvania into southern New Jersey this morning. South of the Front, the weather is warm and very humid once again setting the stage for another round of afternoon storms.

A wave of low pressure running along the front will give the front the boost it needs to settle south and finally bring an end of the heavy for parts of Virginia into North Carolina Thursday.  However, the heat will end with a bang as storms develop over the mountains this afternoon and cascade southeast into Virginia and Maryland.

The storms may form into a bowing line segment that may produce strong winds and in some areas wind damage. Storms in general may produce winds over 50 mph. In addition, heavy rains could produce flash flooding once again given the soggy ground conditions.

The storms will impact Washington, D.C, Baltimore, Richmond and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

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