A Few Tornadoes May Spin-up around Plains Storm

The unusual storm in the Plains which I referred to as a “Landcane” due to the high winds and heavy rains wrapping around the storm may once again produce a few tornadoes this afternoon as seen in the video below. Yesterday we saw 7 tornadoes across Iowa as bands of thunderstorms were rotating around the storm. Given the tight circulation that is still occurring, more bands of heavy storms will develop today and they may produce a few tornadoes or even landspouts. Landspouts occur due to the difference between the cool upper air temperatures and the warm, humid air at the surface as a simplistic answer. This conditions will occur today.

While the storm is weakening, it still will be strong for this time of the year. Winds around the storm have been gusting 30-50 mph overnight and we may see those types of wind gusts again across Nebraska, Iowa and northern Kansas today.

The still eventually move into the Ohio Valley Friday, Great Lakes Saturday and through the Northeast on Sunday. Showers and thunderstorms will continue with the storm as it tracks to the Northeast this weekend.