Heat Expands across the Country through Mid-August

The heatwave in the West will expand into the Plains then into the East through Mid-August.

Early this week, the heat will expand into the Pacific Northwest, impacting eastern areas of Oregon and Washington with temperatures in the 90s and low 100s F.

Later this week through the weekend, the heat will expand into the Plains and Midwest where once again we will see temperatures in the 90s and low 100s F. For this area, the heat will last through August 14th before a cold front will bring some relief. The humidity will be high as well making it feel like it’s well into the 100s.

Next week, the heat will expand into the eastern part of the country. Many areas of the East have been in a rainy weather pattern and now the heat is coming which combined with the humidity will mean heat index values in the low 100s. Temperatures for the the most part will be in the 90s, but some places could hit 100 degrees. The heat will last through August 15th before a cold front brings change to cooler weather, and also sets the stage for tropical problems.


High Temperatures Tuesday August 7th


Weekly Extremes: Heavy Rains Return, Early Severe Weather

Another wet week coming up for the East this week. After severe weather hits the south-central Plains early this week, that same system will move into the eastern part of the country creating another corridor of tropical moisture to come north. The sub-tropical high in the Atlantic is not going anywhere too soon so that means another squeeze play of moisture.

The bulk of the heavy rains will hit the Southeast with scattered heavy storms moving north into the northern Appalachians and Mid-Atlantic. The soggy areas of Pennsylvania may see another 3-5 inches of rain which could cause more flooding problems.

Many areas of the Southeast will see rainfall of 1-5 inches which will also cause flash flooding problems.

Mixed in with all the rain will be scattered severe storms with impacts mainly strong winds.

The severe weather threat will hit early this week across the South-Central Plains. The impacts will be damaging winds, maybe a few tornadoes and large hail. Some storms will also produce flash flooding rains.

The West will continue to have the high heat with the heat expending into the Pacific Northwest through Wednesday. The fire danger will remain high much of this week.

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