A tropical low moving along the Gulf Coast has been producing locally heavy rains and that will continue over the next 48 hours as the system moves from Louisiana into central Texas. Places like New Orleans, Houston, Galveston, and San Antonio may see heavy rains that can result in flash flooding.

Some areas could see 1-5 inches of rainfall due to the thunderstorms wrapping around the low. It does appear that areas around Houston will see up to 5 inches of rain late tonight and Wednesday. Given the dryness, they should be able to handle that amount of rainfall, but that does not mean flash flooding could occur.

There a very small chance the system wraps up at the last second near the Texas coast and becomes a tropical depression. The window of opportunity is very small for that to happen but I think it’s worth mentioning. Even if it does, the outcome will be the same, just heavy rains.

Check out the rainfall maps:

Excessive Rainfall Maps

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Forecast Area of Heavy Rains


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