One of the best mesoscale Professors I had in college was Dr. Fritsch. He was the one who came up with some many new ways to look at mesoscale meteorology back in the day. He was also the one who coined the phrase “Zipper Low” for a low pressure system that zips up the East Coast with gusty winds and rain.


The models are in fair agreement that in this highly unusual pattern that will develop later this week that low pressure will redevelop off the North Carolina coast then zip north into New York and New England. It remains to be seen how strong this system will be and if this system has tropical-like characteristics. Most likely what we will see is a small low pressure system with strong winds and heavy rain bands wrapping around it.

Question becomes, does it hit New York City or go into New England. That we may not know for a few more days but folks on Long Island should probably watch this one just in case the system spins-up quickly in strong storm.

Below is the 500 mb pattern for Saturday which shows an upper level low sitting over the Great Lakes.

Upper Level Pattern for Saturday


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