These hybrid type systems tend to be tricky in regards to the weather they produce. As mentioned this week in previous blogs, I am calling this a “Zipper Low” only because it will zip up the coast from North Carolina to New England Saturday.

The impacts will be felt from New Jersey into New England with Long Island taking the brunt of the wind and rain issues. It does appear that the storm will coming at the time of high tide early Sunday morning which is 4:22 am at Fire Island as an example which means possible beach erosion and over-wash on the south-facing beaches.

Impacts as shown on the map above will be wind gusts over 40 mph and a period of heavy rain.


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Excessive Rainfall

Weather Hazards


Nam Surface Map
Name Rainfall


2 thoughts on “Impacts from Zipper Low Hitting New Jersey to New England”
  1. It.s so good to have found you Again. Love the engey you bring to a forecast.

    I am a huge powder hound here in New England. So what you bring to the table is just what on the menu.

    Thank you.

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