NAM Paints a Terrible Picture for Mid-Atlantic Coast NYC to DC

The NAM models are showing a scenario that would bring high winds, over-wash and heavy rains into the Mid-Atlantic Beaches and flooding rains back into the I-95 Corridor.

I am showing these graphics because the mesoscale models in theory should do better than the global models because of how small our Zipper Low as I call it will be. Most likely the system will be a hybrid type system but impacts of a storm the deepens rapidly could mean winds gusts over 40 mph pushing tides over the beaches and into the streets from Maryland to New Jersey. Right now, I have a track going into Long Island but I can see how that tracks works out too. In any case, people living along the coast and at the beaches should be aware that a storm with tropical storm like conditions could hit Saturday.

Notice on the two maps below the wind fetch out of the east and directly on the beaches. That would put ocean water into the streets if that occurs.


NAM 12km


NAm 3km