All the models have changed the track of the Zipper Low taking it up along the coast or just inside the coast. I am still thinking the system will stay off the coast and try to seek the warmer ocean waters to develop, which is what usually happens. I do understand that the models trying to pull the storm into the upper low, but I am not sure that is correct. On the impact map below, I did pull the system west, respecting the modeling, but did not take it on the land until late Saturday night.

The Zipper Low will develop quickly Saturday and the impacts along the Mid-Atlantic coast will be….

  • Winds Gusting 40-55 mph
  • Heavy Rains up to 3 Inches
  • Beach Erosion and Over-Wash possible
  • Thunderstorms

For people at the beaches, don’t be surprised if the tides come into the streets and cause street flooding. There will be a 6-8 hour period of nasty weather as the system moves through.

As for classification, NHC is not recognizing it this morning so I think they will just treat it as a normal coastal low.