Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

While the tropics will not be active with any storms, the tropics will have a major impact on the eastern part of the country over the next two weeks. A direct flow of tropical moisture will stream into the East this week, take a break next weekend then start all over again next week. The flow of moisture will result in waves of tropical rains and thunderstorms that will lead to very heavy rains at times.

While some areas have already had heavy rains other areas are still dry but by the end of the week, many areas will be soggy.

Rainfall through Friday Morning
Rainfall through Friday Morning

This week, you can see on the image below, the flow of moisture around the upper low in the South and the Atlantic Ridge will be focused right into the Carolina’s to western New York. Waves of thunderstorms will bring heavy downpours and the potential for flash flooding. The image to the left shows the rainfall through Friday morning focused right into the Appalachians.

The image above is the total rainfall for the next two weeks. F

Following the wet weather pattern will be a return to heat with oppressive humidity for August,

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Flow of Moisture Coming from the Tropics
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  1. Serious damper (pun intended) on my kayaking plans today. Hoping for next weekend!

  2. Hi henry…love your blog…what does this weather pattern mean for winter in the mid-atlantic…Hope it means lots of SNOW…❄❄❄

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