While the widespread rains have ended, they will return to the East next week and last through August 10th. After that time, the pattern will change and mostly likely will get hit across much of the Plains and East. With humidity levels so high, it will certainly feel oppressive outside. It also means tropical troubles are coming as well.

Map Showing the Squeeze-Play of Tropical Moisture
Map Showing the Squeeze-Play of Tropical Moisture

Next week, a trough will once again form in the mid-section of the country while the tropical high will remain strong in the Atlantic. The squeeze-play between the two means a surge of tropical moisture into the East again resulting in numerous heavy showers and soaking thunderstorms.



Rainfall as you can see will be widespread with many areas having over 2.00″ of rain and up to 8.00″ of rain possible. Areas hit by flooding will once again have heavy rains which will cause additional problems. I don’t think this will be as serious as the last event, just more of an aggravation of existing flooding problems.



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