Heavy Rain from Gordon May Bring Flooding from Missouri to New Jersey

The remains of Gordon will merge with a cold front and move northeast along the cold front this weekend. The tropical moisture coming north with Gordon will overrun the cold front producing a band of heavy rain that will go from Missouri to New Jersey.

Areas of Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia into New Jersey could be hit hard with 1-6 inches of rain late in the weekend. These are the same areas that have been hit by heavy rains and flooding this summer. In addition, I noticed that in many areas, the ground water height is running very high and almost record levels which means basement flooding will occur with any heavy rains.


GFS Rainfall Prediction

GFS Rainfall Prediction

The image shows the GFS rainfall for the event. Notice that areas mentioned above are in the heaviest rains because that area is where the best overrunning zone will be for tropical moisture to just rain out. This could be a serious