Spooky Severe Storms Today

Severe storms will develop ahead of a cold front across Texas and the South today into tonight. The storms are part of the snowstorm that hit the Rockies yesterday and is now moving into the Plains. That same storm will move northeast and impact the East with thunderstorms and heavy rains Thursday into Friday.

The storms this afternoon will develop into a line of storms that will hit Houston and Shreveport. The impacts of the storms will be damaging winds and large hail, but there will be a tornado risk during the first several hours of the event. Dew points and shear are high enough to support tornadoes and there is a chance that a few large tornadoes develop across parts of eastern Texas and Louisiana. Hopefully they will hit during the daylight hours but in this type of situation, storms could linger into the night and continue to produce tornadoes.

The simulated radar below shows you the evolution of the storms.




Simulated Radar



Whatever happened to the videos? You rarely deliver those anymore. 🙁


Yes, Henry. We miss the videos. They are so much more instructive than just the written blog. Has there been a change of policy or just that you are too busy right now to do the videos? I hope you know how much they are appreciated. You do great work! Thanks.