Heavy Snow Swirls across the Plains and Midwest this Weekend

A storm moving out of the Rockies will bring swirling snow to the Plains and Midwest this weekend.

You can see on the snow accumulation map above that the snow will be heavy and widespread, impacting areas from Nebraska to Wisconsin. Some areas will see over a foot of snow which will be blown around following the storm.

The snow will hit major interstates including I-80, I-90 and I-35. Given the heavy snow and blowing snow, travel will be disrupted and sections of roads could become closed.

The image below shows the swirling snow and how the thunderstorms move north into the cold air and produce the heavy snow rates. I always tell folks to watch where the thunderstorms go because that’s where the heaviest snow and greatest snow rates occur.





Nighttime Tornadoes Possible, Could be Bad!


SPC Forecast

A storm coming out of the Rockies will meet up with late season heat and humidity which will be the fuel for a severe weather outbreak late today through tonight. The danger in this outbreak is the potential for tornadoes overnight tonight.

The timing of the storm is such that thunderstorms will be late to fire-up which means the worse of the storms will happen during the overnight hours.


Tornado Chance

The Storm Prediction Center is outlining an area around western Arkansas as the highest risk for tornado activity. I don’t disagree with the forecast since this overall storms look very nasty.




The helicity tracks show the where rotation may occur with the storms. Notice the tracks over Oklahoma and Arkansas.


I hate this type of severe weather events prior to the holiday because the potential for damage to homes is great and can just ruin the holidays for many.




Midwest Could See 6-12″ of Snow Sunday!

A storm coming out of the northern Rockies will produce a swath of snow from western South Dakota, through Nebraska into Iowa and Wisconsin. The heaviest snows will fall across Iowa into southern Wisconsin and northwest Michigan. That area could see amounts of 6-12 inches and very poor travel conditions. General amounts from South Dakota through Michigan will be 1-6 inches.

The snow will be dry and powdery type of snow which the winds will blow around. Roads will become snow covered and hazardous, including a long stretch of I-80 from Illinois to Wyoming.

Below are the various computer model snowfall amounts. Most of the models seem to be in agreement on the placement and amount of the snows.



Watch the change to snow on radar.
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