Storm at the End of the Week..Use Caution!

The GFS model started showing a potential snowstorm the end of week Sunday and continues to show the storm today. I stress caution for now because the placement of the snow has changed from the Carolina’s to a swath from the lower Mississippi Valley to the Northeast.

The other models like the ECMWF, CMC and JMA are not showing storm which is why I am diving into this using caution. The NAO is going neutral but the AO is going negative which happened when the storm hit in November and dumped heavy snow across Pennsylvania into the Northeast.

We have been a mild weather pattern with the Arctic basically locked up across Canada. Eventually, that Arctic air will come down after mid-January but I see it as a brief two week shot of cold before the pattern reverses again back to mild.

For the next couple of days, let see if the other models come into a consensus for a snow event or not.