The models continue to struggle with the track of the storm which I am still thinking will not go west of the Appalachians but will jump across West Virginia and reform on the coast. With that said, the heavy snows will go from Ohio Valley into the central Appalachians then into the Northeast. I will put out a snow map Wednesday. Also will put out a severe weather map for the severe weather potential.

Models I think will make adjustments to the east with time over the next several days, I do like the ICON model shown above per track of the storm.

Some key points about the storm.

  1. Snows will be mainly front ended with the heaviest snows riding in front of the low level jet that will be aimed into Pennsylvania.
  2. Thunderstorms will develop and will be ride into the cold air, enhancing snow rates on the front end of the storm.
  3. Back end of the storm will be a change over to a light to moderate snow event that could be fairly widespread.
  4. Severe weather is possible in the Tennessee Valley and South.
  5. Windy and very cold weather follows so what snow falls stay around.



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4 thoughts on “Second Bigger Storm, Cat 4 Big Daddy!”
  1. Hi Henry, why do you think storm will jump. Appalachians and re develop along coast?

  2. Both Joe Bastardi and Bernie Rayno have the up coming storm cutting through central PA and western NY… no development along coast. Henry, would love to hear your rebuttal !

  3. Rather than just reading models, which anyone can do, please use your own meteorological acumen

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