Bad Day Across the South as Tornadoes Strike!!!!

SPC has issued a moderate risk for parts of the South. The storm that is going to cause the all the problems across the South is now coming into the Plains and will streak northeast into the Great Lakes tonight. The combination of a high shear, high dew points ans strong winds aloft will create an environment across the South for the potential of large tornadoes during the initial phase of the severe weather event. Eventually the storms will become a squall line with damaging winds gusts that will continue across the Southeast tonight.

Below is the radar depiction for this afternoon and evening showing the nasty storms moving across the South.


Blizzard to Pummel the the Plains and Upper Midwest

The historic storm that has produced snow in California and record snowfall in Arizona will move into the Plains Saturday and sweep north Saturday night and Sunday. A band of heavy snow and high winds will move along with the storm producing blizzard conditions from eastern Colorado to Wisconsin. While the storm will be quick moving, the conditions during the blizzard will be harsh and will result in road closures and travel problems.

Winds will be gusting 40-60 mph and snowfall will be mainly under a foot because of the slow movement of the storm.

The map below is the snowfall depiction from the ICON model. While conservative on the snow amounts, you get the idea of the placement of the snow. Honestly, with the winds whipping the snow around, it will be hard to measure the actual amounts.


Icon Model Snowfall

Icon Model Snowfall


Severe Storms to Sweep Across the South

A band of severe storms will develop across the South Saturday midday and afternoon. During the first few hours of the event, a tornado threat will exists until the storms form into a squall line that will produce mainly wind damage.

The radar depiction for Noon EST shows the storms during the phase when a tornado threat may occur. Later in the afternoon, the threat turns into a wind damage threat across Mississippi and Louisiana. Heavy rains will also cause additional flooding into areas already hit by flooding Thursday and Friday.

NAM 3km Radar Depiction

NAM 3km Radar Depiction


Watch the change to snow on radar.
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