Monday Morning Mess in D.C., Baltimore and Philly.

Snow coming through the East tonight and early Monday will give 1-3 inches of snow by morning Rush hour for some of the big cities and surrounding areas. Roads will be snow covered and slick making rush hour tough for commuters.

Another round of snow and mix is coming Monday into Monday night with another 1-3 inches changing over to rain. I know some of the models have 4-6 inches of snow, but my thinking is that is too high and the change over will occur quicker. In any case, a messy Monday is on tap.



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One thought on “Monday Morning Mess in D.C., Baltimore and Philly.

  1. So glad to see you have your own site!!!! ACCUWEATHER website has become so bad… full of advertisements and auto start videos that make it virtually impossible for me to operate from my school classroom. Regardless, tracking severe weather at ACCU has never been the same since Henry left!!! So, once again, I am so glad to have found you here!
    Sincerely, … a weather and Henry fan…
    Michael A Frank
    (the guy who got you The Machine passes)


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