Major Snow Storm to Bring Snow and Mix

The storm is still in the forming stages across the Southern Plains. The track will take it northeast through the Ohio Valley and into Ontario where it will reform off the Northeast coast. Some key points about the storm.

  1. The Northeast could see heavier snows once the secondary forms. In any case, north of the dash line shown on my snow may it should remain all snow.
  2. South of the dash line on my map, it will snow hard but go over to ice then rain.
  3. Midwest and western Great Lakes will see all snow along with blowing snow.
  4. Turning colder behind the storm with lake snows.

Below are the snow maps for each of the models. I am not showing the NAM models because thinking is the NAM is once again way overdone on snow amounts.



Wayne Thompson

You feel the gfs and fv3 are to be thrown out as well? I’m a neighbor living In stormstown off Smith rd. Been following you for a long time. Always enjoyed your forecasts….

Roy Niemann

Hi Henry, Glad to see you “got back on the horse”. Missed your blogs from Accuweather. Hope your family is doing well. I told Greg Zygmont (Glenside) that you had retired. He says he’s jealous. He’s got a booming Chiropractor business in San Antonio. I subscribed to your newsletter and will be on the site daily.
Best Regards,
Roy Niemann
Pittsburgh, PA ……. formerly from Norristown ,PA (moved to get married)