Storm Number 1 which is hitting New England this morning is the key to the snow coming Sunday and Sunday night in the Mid-Atlantic. That storm will push fresh cold air in allowing snow to occur all the way from Boston to near DCA. I think Philly and New York City see around 4-5 inches of snow.

In the Plains to the Ohio Valley, it’s a 1-6 inch band of snow with locally 8 inches.

The trend of the models overnight was to bring the snow slightly south and to weaken the amount of snow. Yesterday saw a foot or more of snow in some places but today some of the extreme models are 10 inches tops. Keep in mind, this is a fast moving system that last 12 hours in any one location. Storms moving that fast typically do not put down a lot of snow.

The various modeled snow maps are below. Most are within reason of the location of the snow.