Severe Storms, High Winds and Some Snow from Major Storm

sim2Wednesday, we saw a major storm in the Plains that produced hurricane force wind gusts along the front range and high winds all the way through the Plains. Severe weather in regards to thunderstorms was few and far between yesterday but will be a factor today in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. Typically, huge storms with that much energy tend to shear the thunderstorms so much that they don’t produce a lot of severe weather, just a lot of strong winds. Now that the storm is winding down, thunderstorms can develop in an environment conducive to severe storms.

model1In addition to the severe weather, a band of 1-6 inches of wind blow snow will move through the Northern Plains today causing more travel problems.

I think this storm was the table turner on spring and will change the pattern. I do think we still need to watch the East coast for one last storm as rules-of-thumb “a big storm in the Plains can lead to a coastal storm within 14 days.” We will see if that rule of thumb holds true. Otherwise the slide into spring will continue for the majority of the country.

sim1Severe weather today will consist of wind damage and a few tornadoes. HRRR model seems to be pointing to a band of potential supercells from Indiana to Tennessee this afternoon that could produce tornadoes.

Winds in general will be strong across the Plains and into the Ohio Valley where gusts will be 40-60 mph. See the feature image above.