Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

The coastal storm is developing, but actually developing inland of the coast so probably will not bomb-out over land but will have to wait until it redevelops off the New England coast later tonight and early Saturday.

model4Heavy rains will hit areas from Virginia all the way to New England and given the amount of rain ans soggy conditions, flooding may occur.


Snow will be confined to the higher elevations from the Poconos to Vermont and New Hampshire per the snow maps shown. Some of the higher elevations of the Northeast will see over a foot of snow which means an extended ski season for the Northeast. Actually, good spring skiing into April.

The system is part of the rule-of-thumb when it comes to big storms. I mentioned that after a major Plains storms, watch the East coast for a storm within 14 days.



One thought on “Coastal Storm Develops, Heavy Mountain Snows, Heavy Rains, High Winds”
  1. What kind of storm in 14 days Henry? Big Daddy? Mesoscale banding? Can I put the snow gear away yet?

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