Severe Weather for TWO Days Including Tornadoes!


While today will be a major severe weather day across the South and I think the depiction above from the SPC boys is accurate I do have more concerns for Sunday’s severe weather outbreak.

First, let me finish with today. I does concern me that the helicity tracks for the event today are not all the impressive. I have seen this before where the atmosphere is way to sheared and moist and too many storms develop causing issues for supercells too develop. That wouldn’t be a bad thing if that happened today since will mean less of a chance for destructive tornadoes. It’s something we will have to watch and see how the event unfolds this afternoon as to whether there is too many storms the compete with each other.


severeSunday I think SPC has the area incorrect. I think with the jet splitting, we will see two areas of severe storms and potential tornadoes. One area will be across eastern Ohio, western and central PA into West Virginia and western Maryland, and the other across the Southeast with the remains of the squall line. I think showing the main thrust of potential severe weather in the middle of the splitting jet is not correct and most likely they will redo the area later tonight.


If you look at the helicity tracks below for both events, notice how the tracks become more pronounced Sunday evening across the Northeast. It maybe a case where the tracks are supporting more hail then tornadoes but in any case they are more pronounced.



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