Severe Weather and Flooding Rains all into One Storm

Rotation Streaks
Rotation Streaks

We have seen the SPC Severe Weather maps which show the enhanced areas of severe weather today and tomorrow. There is no doubt that today will be a big day for severe weather including tornadoes across the South as the upper level low and surface low comes out of Texas. Mississippi and Alabama will be in the middle of the tornado threat which could include large, damaging tornadoes. Other threats will be damaging winds, large hail and flooding.

As for the flooding, I was driving down to York yesterday and was checking out the Juniata River and Susquehanna river. Both are running very high right now and in talking to the Charlie at the State College NWS office, there is certainly concerned for flooding over the next couple of weeks until the water table can go down once  the trees are in bloom/leaf. The storm that is coming will put down a couple of inches of rain on that river system so one needs to keep an eye out for minor flooding.


Total Rainfall
Total Rainfall

Also notice on the rainfall map the heavy rains that go from the South into the Great Lakes. Flooding is certainly an issue within that swath of heavy rains as well and local Mets should be able to provide better information on which streams and rivers are running high.





model4Friday, the severe weather heads into the Carolina’s and Virginia and I remain concerned for more tornadoes, damaging winds and hail all the way up into PA, MD and NJ. With the trough taking on a north/south orientation, bands of heavy storms will develop and some can produce severe weather and flash flooding.





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