Dangerous Dorian Heading to Florida, Southeast Coast Could be Impacted Too!



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Hype will happen Henry. Once again Jim Cantore will be out in storm to tell people how bad it is. Reed Timmer self deployed to Melbourne today with his vehicle to get actual hurricane measurements. This storm is a big deal. Some people are very scared they need every bit of information possible even if it is more intuitive than definitive. The NHC is too slow. I remember Hurricane Irene and all they would officially say was they thought it would brush NC and then go down in intensity as it headed for NY. If a Cat 3 hits NY we are without power for 3 to 6 months. I tried to escape only to end up broke down on the Delaware River and the storm came there dumping almost 13 inches of rain. At least I was in the mountains. I was here for Sandy. 2 weeks no power. What Florida faces is much worse. There is inundation and devastation coming for millions of people. People are just trying to cope however they can.