Dam-Breaking High Wind Event with Possible Weak Tornadoes NYC to Richmond!

model1A strong cold will blast over the Appalachians Thursday night and into the Mid-Atlantic early Friday producing wind gusts 40-70 mph and perhaps even a few weak tornadoes. This is what I term a “Dam-Breaking High Wind Event” where cold air builds up west of he Appalachians and eventually breaks over the east slopes of the Appalachians, accelerating down the slopes producing high wind gusts. Low-top thunderstorms will be associated with the leading edge of the high winds that will only enhance wind gusts.

Rockies to Midwest Snowstorms, Severe Weather May Include Tornadoes!

GFSMA_925_spd_090Winds at 925 mb which is just above the surface show winds over 50 kts so if that wind is tapped and brought to the surface you can get gusts over 40 mph. There is also enough rotation that weak tornadoes may occur within the thunderstorms as well.



Areas from New York City to Richmond and 100 miles west of I-95 will be impacted by the winds. Expect tree damage, power outages and perhaps damage to homes.



Sounding from Virginia.