Snow Today through Thursday…Big Daddy Snowstorm Next Week?

Is a Big Daddy Snowstorm in the Making for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Next Week?


North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO)

Pacific/North American Pattern (PNA)

Graphics that I used in the Video.


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4 Comments on “Snow Today through Thursday…Big Daddy Snowstorm Next Week?

  1. Henry I love watching your videos. Thank you. But today’s video cut out the northeast from our view. Could you please adjust your camera view to include us. Thank you!!!

  2. Henry, not sure what your recording software is, but the center frame where the maps were being shown was too large and about a 1/3 of it, the East Coast, was out of view. Your previous posts were excellent and all was visible.

  3. Hey Henry, your video today was messed up. A lot of the stuff was not visible on the maps but your picture of you was twice as big as before if not three times larger. Check your view before you start recording. Thanks.

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