Fri. Jun 9th, 2023


Typical El nino Pattern Looks Like. Sorry I had it backwards this morning….Urgg


4 thoughts on “Stormy Pattern Brings Rain to the West and Snows into the Plains and East”
  1. Henry,

    So far there is no indication of a La Nina forming.Currently nino 1 and 2 are -0.6 but nino 3 is +0.6 and 4 is +0.8 Are you saying that the crashing SOI will change 3 and 4 to go negative?? The current pattern is behaving as though a weak El nino is in place,

  2. 18Z GFS till doesn’t show ridge in the West and trough in the East, even with the obvious PNA positive and NAO negative, let alone the El Nino effect.

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