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“Record Highs in January Always Means Problems!” Severe Storms to Move from Texas to New Jersey!

“Record Highs in January Always Means Problems!” Severe Storms to Move from Texas to New Jersey!

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A major outbreak of severe weather will occur Friday into Sunday morning. Across the South we may see a tornado outbreak with numerous supercell thunderstorms capable of produce large, damaging tornadoes. The best chance for tornadoes will be from eastern Texas into Louisana and Arkansas Friday. After that, the storms will most likely form into a linear squall line with embedded wind damage and tornadoes. SPC is also gong in the direction of a major outbreak of severe storms. Check out the maps at the link below.

Severe Weather Maps

The severe storms will spread through the extreme warm sector where highs will be near records Friday into Saturday. Dew points will be in the 60s creating a very robust environment for thunderstorms to thrive. We will even see storms moving into the Mid-Atlantic with wind damage where the 850 mb winds will be over 70 mph which is amazing for January.

Dangerous Squalls Today…Extreme Weather Friday into the Weekend!

Below the image shows the rotation tracks off the NAM Nested Model. That shows the potential for tornadoes near Dallas at the start of the event Friday.



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  1. Thanks for all the updates. We live 40 miles west of Pittsburgh and have had mainly rain all winter

  2. I always look forward to getting your weather reports, you explain the weather in a meaningful way and I appreciate the time and effort you put into your daily video.

    Syracuse, NY

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