Storm Changes the Pattern as Blocking Comes Back Leading to Coastal Winter Watch!

The snow storm is on the way and will be widespread from the Plains to the Northeast. I think the big story is the crashing NAO and the rising PNA which will lead to coastal storms despite the GFS model. The EPS control runs sees the changes and coastal storms already and I think the GFS will see the NAO crash too.







Yeah, definitely throw out that snowfall map. It looks way under done for New England.

Chris B

I’ve always enjoyed your work even from the accu days. However, saying toss the models and the cutter storms is a pretty bold statement, but I could see why with a -nao and +pna projected. I live here in NEPA and hope you’re right. Statements like that is how credibility is gained and lost. Good luck! We all love a nice snowstorm.

Dave K

We adore you Henry . That’s why we listen to your voice. Bring on the snow storms for us in the northeast. We know what to do with it.