Maps Look Interesting with Storms, But Fresh Cold Air the Issue

A couple of points this morning:

  1. The storm later this week into the weekend will be a messy one because the lack of model6any fresh cold air as we saw with the last storm. So figuring out the snow accumulations and where snow will occur. GFS has the big snows across the Northeast while the ECMWF has the big snows in the Plains. You can see both maps.
  2. I think today is the last day of extremely cold air. The next two weeks we will see normal to above normal temperatures across the East. That is one of the issues with any storm that comes along. Just how much cold air is available for snow.
  3. NAO and PNA are going neutral so while the models are showing coastal storms, i would really like to see more blocking to be more confident the storms will be on the coast. You can get coastal storms with the NAO and PNA neutral but P-type wil be the issue.



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