Spring and Winter Mixing as We Go into February…Could be Quite a Month!




For southern snow lovers this winter sucks. It’s been too warm and no measurable snow in piedmont NC since Dec of 18. I’m afraid the ski industry in NC is going to take a big hit after this winter season.


Might as well get it over with and throw in the towel on this winter Henry! Almost every professional met I follow is pretty much in agreement now that nothing but warmth is in store for the northeast and most of North America for that matter for the reasonable foreseeable future. No chances for any prolonged significant cold in sight! It will go down as the worse winter in my personal history book. BTW: I noticed that most of Europe has been pretty warm as well. I DO now blame climate change and a warming atmosphere for this, not directly for individual events but indirectly for setting the stage for enhanced conditions that promote the events.

    Karl LaPorta

    I guess you have to blame Alaska, Canada and other areas on climate change for the brutal cold they’
    ve been having this winter. It’s all because of a strong el Nino and most meteorologists called for a warm winter this fall.


      Actually, the cold in Alaska and Canada is nothing unusual and doesn’t make up for the prolonged record warmth they experienced prior. This overall climate warming has been going on for far too long to blame a single event like a strong El Niño for prolonged warmth in central North America and winter cold in Alaska and parts of ARCTIC Canada. Sure as I said before that’s the direct cause but it’s I believe it’s just a symptom of a warming climate. For the time being the facts are indisputable that the global climate is warming and has been for quite some time. What is still disputable are what the direct cause is and if it will reverse anytime soon. As far as seasonal model forecasts. Ha! I can’t recall when the last time they forecast a below normal winter for the Northeast! And I must disagree about the met forecasts; most long range meteorologist foretasted a normal to slightly below normal winter for the upper plains through the northeast

Dana James

I think I have to agree with you, Keith. Every run of the GFS beyond 10 days just shows an occasional shot of cold air but then moves offshore to bring back milder temperatures. Almost every storm this winter for the Mid-Atlantic has run up the Appalachian chain and given us nothing but rain. Like you, I just don’t see any sustained cold or blocking that’s going to allow for any classic snowstorm. I have no doubt that the climate is warmer, especially in winter. I live in Northern Maryland and what we have for winter now would have been considered normal for most of Virginia 20 years ago. The warmer air is slowly but surely moving farther and farther north with each passing year. For us snow lovers, it’s pretty sad indeed.