Keith Larochelle

Even here over interior Maine in the foothills where we should be measuring snow in feet this time year instead of a several inches, winter appears over. Our local NWS has no snow in the forecast for this upcoming week, only mixed precipitation due to forecast thermal profiles. If we’re not going to get pure snow or sleet, let it stay above freezing with rain and be done with it! Maybe we should remove the New from New England, at least as far as climate is concerned!.


yes winter is over. no sign of artic air even in Canada

Dana Sclafani

I’m glad you said north of the Mason Dixon Line, Henry because even that area north to where you are in State College will have a tough time getting any snow for the rest of the winter. Mainly because all the lows are heading up the Appalachian mountains. It’s been a patter established early and just won’t abate. There was virtually no blocking this winter and snow lovers paid the price. Personally, if it’s not going to snow, I’d rather it would just be dry. There’s nothing more depressing than cold rains.

    Henry Margusity

    Now the GFS has snow deep into Virginia with one of the storms.

      Dana James

      Well, the noon run of the GFS actually has an Alberta Clipper moving through the Mid-Atlantic next weekend. Wouldn’t that be a miracle? I was beginning to wonder if they even existed anymore with the new weather. But I’m not seeing any storms riding up the coast, even in long range. They’re all inland and come through before any colder air can affect them.