A Lot of Winter to Go as the Cold and Warmth Clash to Produce Snow and Ice

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8 thoughts on “A Lot of Winter to Go as the Cold and Warmth Clash to Produce Snow and Ice

  1. I don’t know Henry, I think the snow maps are deceiving. Maybe that much snow does fall but it won’t last, even here in much of Northern New England because after each burst of snow, it warms up and washes most of it away with a followup of warm rain! So, I say why bother, might as well stay warm and rain!


  2. Henry, I’ve followed and enjoyed you for years BUT I rarely follow your full forecasts now because I can’t watch long video’s at work but am a fast reader. You used to always have accompanying text so I could read that quickly then fast forward towards the end of your video’s when you shared the predictive snow maps. Don’t know why you changed this but I bet you’ve lost loyal followers like me who just have information overload and don’t have time to regularly watch long videos. It’s great you have them, always appreciated them but typically watch in full only when a big daddy seemed likely. Please add text again! My 2 cents. Paul


  3. Those long range snow maps to me, are bordering on lunacy. I see absolutely nothing over the next two weeks that would indicate that kind of pattern change. The clipper system you mentioned, if it does in fact make it through the Mid-Atlantic, will be arriving to temperatures in the 40’s. Yet another round of rain. Sorry Henry, this winter is over in my neck of the woods.(northern MD) I just wish it would stop raining. I’m longing for another mini-drought and hope the March-May period is drier than normal.


  4. Those long term weather maps never work out for us in the mid atlantic Total snow this year 4 inches from 1 snow It was a really nice one Big flakes and heavy But thats it


  5. As much as I love summer….. I need some snow in my life too!
    I have followed you for years Henry! Huge fan. We don’t get winters anymore, we get a snowy beginning of Spring


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