Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

The storm that is developing across the Plains will move northeast and produce a swath of snow and ice from Texas to the Northeast. With the NAO highly positive and the PNA highly negative, storms will either cut west of the Appalachians or just travel west to east across the country the next two weeks and probably to the end of February. I do think once we get into March an early spring weather pattern will set and pretty stay around with just the occasional shots of cold air.

The snow that is coming is generally a 1-5 inch swath with some locally heavier amounts, especially across the Northeast.

The storm will also bring severe weather which is posted the link to the SPC maps below. We could see see some tornadoes across the Southeast Thursday afternoon and evening.

Severe Weather Maps

Excessive Rainfall Maps



5 thoughts on “Swath of Snow and Ice from Texas to the Northeast. Just One of Many To Come!”
  1. What does all that mean for snow the places like Philadelphia, South Jersey?


  2. Henry, I like your comments and don’t mind the 7 minute video because I learn from you about the weather and you give a greater understanding of why things are the way they are in nature.

  3. Hey Henry I’m in the snow removal buisness in north jersey: it used to be very profitable. What are your thoughts on the big snow years for northern nj basically being done for good?

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