Mon. May 29th, 2023
6 thoughts on “Heavy Snow across the Northeast with over 4 Inches”
  1. Henry, you’re the best. Here in the Cleveland market we used to have for 40 years a great, very accurate weatherman in Dick Goddard. He was the “go to” guy for all those years, but now is enjoying his retirement. When the networks wanted to mandate that he do a 10 day forecast, he vehemently refused saying that after 3 days it’s 50/50% and 5 days is like throwing a dart at the wall.
    I know consider you the go to guy for weather. Yesterday your radar for the Akron, Ohio area showed the snow and ice storm splitting with the snow north of us and the rain south. No forecasters in this area had that same forecast and that’s exactly what the storm did. The “weather terrorist” as I call him, Jeff Tanchek at Cleveland 19 TV had us scared of the impending doom that was coming overnight. Snow, ice, freezing rain, power outages, go hide in your basement and don’t come out till spring kind of stuff. It didn’t happen here and you had it spot on, North of us got hit with snow and ice, and south of us was getting rain.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Snowing in York Pa at 12 30 pm tornado just east of us a few hours ago Crazy weather

  3. Henry, you were mentioning how the El Nino was a strong one and won out over the PDO but what’s ironic(or funny), I remember reading several articles back in the July on how the El Nino was dying and fading fast. At the very least, it was suppose to be a neutral winter. What exactly happened? Why did the El Nino become so strong and is it even possible to predict something like over the long range?

  4. 7 to 8 inches here in your micro zone of the laurel mountains. great call. Route 22 chickaree summit .

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