Big Daddy for Canada…Thundersnows Possible across the Northeast!


ECMWF Snow Midwest
ECMWF Snow Northeast


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6 thoughts on “Big Daddy for Canada…Thundersnows Possible across the Northeast!

  1. I really enjoy your blogs and information. However, every time you mention the “Northeast” getting hit with snow I’m thinking that includes NJ but not this winter 😦


  2. Hi Henry, today is Tuesday, I didn’t see a video on today’s blog. I wondered if it got lost in the posting. Maybe you didn’t post one today?
    Thanks so much, Irene (aka Meema)


  3. I know this is off topic, Henry but what’s the latest on the El Nino? I did read NOAA’s analysis of it on February 13th and they were still predicting El Nino/Neutral through the summer. I recall you saying a few weeks ago that it was weakening. For snow lovers, including myself, I DO NOT want a repeat of this winter’s El Nino next year.


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