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  1. A front has just crossed the area here in Maine this morning and cool dryer air is beginning to seep in from the northeast setting the stage for tomorrows storm which will hopefully be all snow, especially for the hills and mountains.

  2. Hello Henry,
    Can you do a quick video or reply on why SE PA (422 corridor, Philly, Berks, Delaware and Lehigh Valley) has seemingly switched to 60-70 inches of rain per year as the new normal? I can remember from 1975 to 2005, years of consistent 42 inches of rain with snowy winters as normal, summers were sunny and 90 with occasional storms, Fall was warm to cool and with a few normal rainy spells and it was great! Now it seems we get 7 inches of rain every month, no snow and entirely not enough fair, dry or cool weather days. Now for 5 months Winter can be described as cloudy and 45, with frequent days of rain and no ice or snow. I haven’t seen a sleet pellet in like 5 years and it used to sleet and snow at least 25-40 days every winter.

    Is summer doomed to repeat the same warm but not hot, humid and excessively rainy pattern? Thank goodness we don’t get hurricanes very often or we would get 100 inches of rain per year.

    Is this the new weather norms for this area? I sure hope not, make it stop!!


    Chris Beidler; avid weather consumer

      1. It definitely seems like it is raining more days per week than not and even the days it doesn’t rain 100% there seems to be chances. Hopefully the pattern breaks this summer and we see some dry weather lock in. The last couple of summers have been very wet with frequent heavy rains and not much sunny dry, hot weather; which I guess is just not our pattern anymore.

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