3 thoughts on “Severe Storms with Hail Today. Cold Shots Could Lead to Snow!”
  1. Henry, when are we going to get out of this pattern finally? Last week you were mentioning the middle part of May as being the time frame. Are you still feeling confident about that? Amazing how the NAO took all the way to April/May to finally go negative for an extended period of time. The PNA has been positive too. You would think it has to break soon.

  2. Hi Henry NYC needs UV light and warmer weather to combat the outbreak here. You are right about the models. It was supposed to be cooler Monday but got into the 70s. I hope true Spring comes soon.

  3. Henry do you think it will one of those “years without a summer” ? It seems like nature is now totally out of whack due to climate change. Winters are not as cold Springs never come. Endless rains.

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