GFS Long Range Tropical Feature…Yes/No?

I am curious to see if the GFS is really catching on to this feature or not. It has been shown on every run since Monday, showing a strong tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico. The EPS model does not show anything, while the CFS long range has the system along the East coast. I have noticed that when the GFS catches onto a tropical system developing in the long range, most times it turns out correct, just the location is wrong. So lets see what happens with this system…will it be correct or not?

3 Comments on “GFS Long Range Tropical Feature…Yes/No?

  1. Henry this young weatherman using Levi’s charts found 8-17 to 8-19 lots of thunderstorms with rising motion air pressure below 920 mb, the MJO racing to Africa he saw a cat 5 for the Gulf.
    You tube David Schlotthauer. Also saw 3 to 6 named storms before the end of August.

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