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Tropical Storm Eta Intensifies, Heading Toward Florida

Tropical storm Eta has intensified overnight despite all the models saying to the contrary. Eta has been moving north overnight and has a well developed Eye structure. Eta will move north then turn to the Northeast striking areas north of Tampa with heavy rains and gusty winds Thursday morning. Heavy rains will impact area from Naples to Tampa today with flooding likely from the storm. Eta really has caught everyone off guard this morning including the NHC. Winds during landfall will be gusting to 60 mph. Tampa will even see wind gusts 40-50 mph tonight as Eta passes by to the West.

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  1. Well Henry as you have been saying all season, the storms have been outperforming the models? I guess this one is no different 🤷‍♂️

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Major Coastal Storm will Hit! Winds Over 40 Mph!
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