Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

8 thoughts on “Step Down to Colder with Snow Showers”
  1. It’s not just the weather channel either. But, I think that is because everyone’s all worked up from those Euro monthlies.

  2. Based on the pattern you outlined it looks more wet than white for most of New England most of that period. We need blocking over Greenland to get the cold air to back in to the northeast and New England especially, otherwise cold storms will be a rare occurrence through the rest of the month into December east of the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes. 🙁

  3. Justin, henry always has a snow bias in the Northeast , I follow him but i keep it in mind that he is usually overdone on snow. The Weather channel is just the opposite they downplay snow. You have to basically take an average of the two. You have to know your sources and biases.

    1. I do as well but have been disappointed soooo many times over the many years that I also have developed a large pessimistic bias.

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