Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

The line of storms that ripped across Ohio into the Mid-Atlantic producing almost 500 reports of severe weather. While little in the way of thunder was reported with the line, the low topped heavy showers were able to tap high winds aloft and bring the winds to the surface as damaging wind gusts. The jet stream aloft was moving along at almost 150 mph while the low level jet (5000ft) was almost 100 mph. All this lead to one of the biggest wind damage events on November for many years. This was not a Derecho is anyone is thinking that. Just a squall line along the cold front.

2 thoughts on “Major Wind Event Hit Sunday!”
  1. Yeah I thought maybe it was a derecho. Straight line front. Wind 90 degrees to the axis of the front. Wind from one direction. To my amateurish definition, it maybe was.

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