Live Blog For Current Storm Nov 30 to dec 1

8:00 pm – The snows continue all the way to northern Alabama this evening. I can’t find any really good banding of the snow just some heavier snows through West Virginia in eastern Tennessee in the upslope zones. The areas from Ohio into Kentucky has a lot of 3/4 S- snows with the lake shore of Ohio getting rain.

The severe weather has ended but the winds in New England are gusting 40-60 mph this evening. The winds will cut off in about 4- 6 hours as the front moves through.

4:45 pm – It’s snowing all the way to northern Alabama now while in reverse, the tornado watches are in The Delmarva and southern New Jersey. Line of storms continues to move through that area. Snow seems to be light to moderate late this afternoon from Ohio to Tennessee. We really have to wait until after dark for the snow to accumulate.

2:15 pm – Rain has changed over to all snow across most of Ohio. I am not seeing any banding of the storms for heavier snows just yet. Looks like mainly light to occasionally moderate snows right now. It looks like amounts have been light to hardly anything but that may change after dark when snow can accumulate.

2:15 pm – Tornado watch is now out. Storms ate crossing into The Delmarva. Some of the storms are showing signs of weak rotation. The best chance for a tornado will be in eastern Maryland and Delaware over the next couple of hours.

12:15 pm – Heavy Thunderstorms are moving through Southeast PA into The Delmarva. One particular storm heading toward Wilmington DE is showing signs of rotation and strong wind gusts.

9:15 am – Strong wind gusts will develop this afternoon across New England and Long Island. Gusts 40-60 mph will occur. Winds will last until the cold front moves through.

9:15 am – Severe storms may develop along the East coast this afternoon. The storms impacts will be damaging wind gusts and perhaps a brief tornado. So far as of this writing, storms have not developed.

9:00 am – Snow is mixing in across Ohio and Indiana. We have not yet seen all snow over a large area. It will take until this evening before the entire area fills in with snow from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. We will also see snow developing across Ontario and southeast Michigan over the next couple of hours.