Snow Map for the Northeast Snowstorm

The blocking did the trick but a little too late for areas south of New England. While I thought we would see snow down the Appalachians, it appears the cold air will not be cold enough for snow but just a cold rain. In some of the higher elevations, we will see snow mixing in with the rain and changing over to rain.

New England into Maine will get hammered by heavy snow. When the storm begins to intensify Saturday afternoon, the rain will change over to a heavy wet snow and we should see that same trend of heavy snow developing from New England into Maine. With a 979 mb low east of Maine, heavy snow with rates of 1-3 inches per hour and thunder will occur Saturday night. Boston will see snow and probably over 4 inches of snow. Portland will get hammered and may see over a foot of snow.

Here’s the model maps for fun and my map above.



Henry… comparison of this storm versus December 11, 1992 snowstorm??


    I remember it being moderately mild up to Christmas that year after the 1992 storm. Similarly, you are predicting above normal temperatures… but it can snow! WE ARE LISTENING!!