I have been saying that around the 15th of the month is when we will see a big event of snow in the East. Well, some of the models are going into the direction while the GFS is up to the normal games. While the PNA will head more to neutral which is not bad the NAO will stay negative. La Nina is the on issue because the strength remains at 10 which means a ripping jet across the Pacific and buckling of the jet downstream into the East. What I think we will see is a storm that develops in the Gulf of Mexico and heads to the East coast. If the storm hits the benchmarks for the major cities then the ECMWF will be correct that the big cities get snow, but I am thinking that it’s more of an inside cutter favoring interior snows up the Appalachians and Northeast. In any case we are probably a solid Cat 3 snow event maybe a Cat 4 event if the storm really intensifies.

2 thoughts on “Next Weeks Storm 15-17th”
  1. Where’d all the snow go in most of northern New England? I think the ECMWF must be out-to-lunch.

  2. Is southwestern-Pittsburgh to seven springs to Bloomsburg in the mix on 12-17 for heavy snow, if so, I just don’t see it happening. Looking for skiing weather.

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