Sun. May 28th, 2023

With the PNA+, NAO- and AO-, all indications are that a major winter storm is possible next week in the Eastern U.S. The operational models have all gone to the solution of a a storm that a storm develops in the Gulf of Mexico, moves to the Southeast coast then comes up the coast and intensifies. While we are many days away from the event, I think it’s best to note that all the indicies are pointing toward a coastal storm. Just how strong and the exact track remains to be seen, but my thinking is the storm tracks near the coast so that the snows are more interior then within the I-95 corridor. ECWMF does bring snow into that area but it does by developing the storm near the coast and turning the rain over to heavy wet snow. Not sure that is correct because I think the storm will have already developed by North Carolina and will be in the intensifying phase. Below are the various operational models for your viewing pleasure.

2 thoughts on “Indicies Show Potential Major Event Next Week”
  1. Here in Baltimore we have gotten our first major snow event of the year right about the 18th of December many many times in the past. Flights for christmas have been very lucky going out on the 18th or 19th as a storm is just about to rage. Would not surprise me for the forecast to shift a bit so that DC to NYC gets more snow.

    1. Based off what i see is that you’ll be in the rain part, snow will be further west, maybe Henry can explain that.

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