Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

A polar vortex will develop over the Great Lakes by Friday night. The vortex will bring a change to colder weather across much of the East. The coldest weather will be across the Upper Midwest where temperatures will be in the teens for highs.

Snow will develop across the Upper Midwest where 1-6 inches of wind blown snow will occur Thursday night into Friday. As the front plows east through the Ohio Valley Friday, the rain showers will change over to snow showers and should give at least a coating to an inch of snow.

When the front reaches the Appalachians, low pressure will form along the front and will bring a swath of snow from northern Pennsylvania into the Northeast Friday night into Saturday. Max snowfall will be around 6 inches across parts of Vermont and New Hampshire.

4 thoughts on “Blasting Arctic Front Brings Snow and Colder Weather”
  1. Rain and a complete snow melt for most of northern New England outside of the far north and mountains according to local NWS and no mention of any cold even following the system. In fact they’re talking about occasional rain showers into early next week and minor flooding potential! Really disappointing winter for most of New England this year! This is for most of northern New England outside of the far north and mountains. ☹

  2. Still waiting for that big gulf storm to fill in the “snow hole” here in se TN. Pattern seems to be evolving into the mid south becoming the battleground area for storms with the south atlantic ridge becoming more dominant keeping us mainly in the warmer sector here. Snow geese in the Ohio Valley look to be more than fed if this pattern sets up. Is that your take on it, Henry?

  3. @dkrduck it appears most of New England is going to be on the warm side of the pattern as well for the foreseeable future, especially eastern New England right up through Maine.

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