Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

I wanted to share the snowfall and icefall images from the NDFD model which basically is very similar to my forecast map. They did show a more detailed maps of the snow and ice forecasts for the storm coming. I am concerned that a a little more snow will occur across New England than predicted. GFS and NAM went north with the snow in current runs so I may have to may some changes to the Northeast in regards to snow tomorrow. Also, some areas will get snow followed by ice and freezing drizzle. Valley locations that go over to ice probably will not get out of the hole in regards to temperatures Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Digital Snowfall and Ice Forecasts for the Current Storm”
  1. Love it when it all comes north at the last minute,like you have been talking about!

    1. Hopefully the primary low associated with next weeks system doesn’t drive through the lakes or west of the Appalachians like the models depict since they first picked up on it. If the cold can hold and the trof doesn’t go negative too far west we have a chance. Here’s hoping.

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