A complicated major winter storm will hit areas from the Midwest, Ohio Valley, into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Snow will begin the Midwest Saturday and spread into the Ohio Valley. We should see a band of 4-12 inches of snow developing in the Ohio Valley along the warm front where the low level jet will occur. That area of snow will move into Pennsylvania and Virginia Sunday. As the upper level low pivots and secondary development of the surface low occurs off the Mid-Atlantic coast, heavier snows will hit areas of Maryland, Pennsylvania into northern NJ. ECMWF has the heavy snow going into Philly, but that will be based on if the storm hits the benchmark for the I-95 corridor which looks possible. Once the storm develops, it will move northeast spreading the heavy band of snow up the New England coast. Lots of things can change and as you can seen, while the area of snow seems to be a consensus, the amounts do not. Also, the wintry mix area in Virginia needs to be taken into account as well.

7 thoughts on “Various Snowfall Maps for the Major Winter Storm. Winter Storm Index 4!”
  1. I feel that the storm will be more a central or southwestern, pa hit then moving ene from either of those points, at this time I see Philly as mainly rain, sort of identical in a sense in what we saw in December.

  2. With the blocking do you think another low also may form and ride along under the front and form again off the coast Monday night into Tuesday night? What do you
    Think the lowest pressure will be for the first costal low ?
    Also is this a inverted trough situation ?

  3. What are your thoughts about the small little area of heavy snow coming form Lake Ontario affecting the GTA (greater Toronto Area)? The ICON and GFS have it obvious while the GEM and ECMWF have it so light?

  4. I live in northern Schuylkill County, PA,
    and almost every time a storm system
    developes along the coast, such as the
    one forecasted for later this weekend,
    we almost always get 3-4 inches more
    than what’s predicted, and that’s because
    of the orographic, the mountains around
    us add a little extra lift, which enhances our
    snowfall rates. I’m ok with 12-15 inches!!
    Let it snow all it wants to, another month and
    a half or so, and it’ll be a distant memory!!

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