The 18z Model Snow Maps Just for Fun

The GFS seems to be consistent with this storm in regards to snow amounts while the ECMWF is moving around with the snow. Below is the GFS trend map showing the last 6 runs of the model. Also below are the other models showing the snowfall for the Midwest and Northeast. I think the Midwest is in good shape in regards to my snow map. The Mid-Atlantic remains the one location that needs to be looked at closely Saturday morning because of the differing solutions between the models. I still think the storm will be closer to the coast I don’t want to make any major changes just yet.

One comment


Sounds like whatever snow does fall will again be blown away by mild conditions and a threat of rain by the following system, at least that’s what the NWS discussion author at NWS office GYX is alluding to. Personally, I think whoever that may be is inexperienced with northeast weather, and it’s a highly unlikely outcome for most of the interior northern section of the northeast.